Decorative Pavers & Stamped Concrete

Los Angeles Decorative Pavers & Stamped Concrete

At Los Angeles Driveway Repair, we offer great solutions for all your backyard and patio needs, including decorative pavers and stamped concrete. We offer a wide range of color and pattern choices that make both a popular choice for all kinds of outdoor renovation projects. Here are just a few reasons why you should pick between these two great options. 

Advantages of Stamped Concrete 

Often referred to as imprinted or textured concrete, stamped concrete is designed to look and feel like various stones such as tile, slate, bricks, flagstone, and in some instances, even wood. Our stamped concrete offers an affordable option for paving that won’t require too much maintenance on your part. Listed below are a few things that you can build with stamped concrete, should you decide to use it for your Los Angeles home: 

  • Stamped pool decks 
  • Stamped patios 
  • Stamped concrete driveway 
  • Stamped driveways 

Are you wondering if stamped concrete is the right choice for your home? Here are a few of the many benefits of stamped concrete:

  • It can add value to your home by enhancing your outdoor space 
  • It offers a more affordable choice compared to natural bricks, pavers or stones
  • It has plenty of different patterns and colors for you to choose from 
  • It is slip-resistant when combined with a non-skid additive 
  • It is long-lasting and durable
  • It is easy to maintain once it’s sealed 

Stamped Concrete Colors

Many of our most popular colors for stamped concrete tend to be earthy and grayish in color. Our existing colors are reds and browns which are used in brick patterns. Our colors can also be layered, antiqued, or mixed with tints and stains, allowing us to create a near-limitless palette of choices. In addition, a wide range of colors can be used in one project to create a realistic hue for decorative borders, stone coloration, and contrasting color patterns. 

Decorative Pavers 

If you’re looking to increase your home’s curb appeal, then installing pavers in your patio or driveway will get it done. Not only will it increase your home’s value, but it will also reflect your creative and unique style. If you aren’t sure whether to choose decorative pavers or stamped concrete, here are just a few things to consider. 

Are They Worth the Investment? 

If you’re looking for a long-term investment, decorative pavers are definitely the way to go. While paving stones will cost more compared to pouring concrete due to the material cost, there are many advantages to using pavers. 

  • Pavers won’t need much maintenance: Apart from the occasional sweeping and weeding, pavers only need minimal upkeep to maintain their good looks every year. 
  • Pavers are easy to repair: If some of your pavers get damaged, there’s no need to redo the area entirely. A paving contractor can simply source the same or equivalent material and patch up damaged areas.
  • Some pavers can absorb water: A permeable paver is installed on a base with spacers and compact rocks placed between blocks. This will allow the water to be absorbed instead of running off to a storm drain. Because there are municipalities with strict rules regarding water runoff, pavers are sometimes the better option. 

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